Crunk Driving

Crunk Driving features a new playlist with different music every week! Playlist themes include everything from “Bopin’ Garage Rock” to “Icons of Reverb” to “Ethiopian Jazz.”

From Dusk til Dawn: Janeth Aparicio

Hey ya’ll, I’m a current Sophomore majoring in Visual Arts that loves to dance in her bedroom to everything from Justin Bieber to Death Grips. My show, From Dusk till Dawn, is basically a show of road trip playlist in which we “go” to a different location each time.

Sundaz(ed): Spencer Whaley and Sofia Swanson

Dreamy Sunday tunes from your two favorite ladies.

Radio del Rey: Caroline Shehan

Radio del Rey is all about music. Contemporary tracks and old tunes, curated to the audience’s delight by Caroline. The show is eclectic but cohesive. Tune in to hear new sounds from the best hip hop, rnb, folk, pop, rock, grunge and punk and learn more about the artists. From Patti Smith to Bon Iver, Frank Ocean to Joan Baez, all the great sounds are here. T u n e i n t o T u n e O u t

Visions: Julian Halpern, Michael Caballero, and Kevyn Kovesdy

Well were just three CA natives living in a triple pod in a triple. Generally in support of mindfulness, positivity, good music, live performance and tropical fusion swishers.

Mornings with Mena: Mena Vance

Just a New Yorker living in LA. I hope to bring you a collaboration of hits from both coasts – bringing the weekend to a close and starting the week with a smile!

Live from the Hive: Grace Metos and Zander Granath

Broadcasting news, tunes and stories from the 801.

The Sel-X-tion: Xavier Nelson-Rowntree and Erin Ball

Do you like a wide variety of music? We are two music lovers playing music that seems alright (sometimes better). If you’re anything like us, you love to find people who like the same music as you. We vibe off of each other’s similar music taste and we want you to enjoy what we jam to, too. We will feature a wide variety of music genres: Indie-Pop, Alt-Rock, Hip Hop, Latin Dance, EDM, etc. We want to experience all the wonders that the music world has to offer. Check us out each week for a unique show and a great Sel-X-tion of tunes.

Gooney Tunes: Ellen McD

Super cool east coast kid plays music that she likes! There will be guests and maybe a talk show component! Who knows! So many possibilities! Wow! Tune in!

The News: Grace Haggerty

-Newly released music- New artists- Whatever else I want to play-

GirlTalk!: Cléo Charpantier

GirlTalk! is a radio show hosted by Cléo Charpantier on which she interviews cool girls and women and womxn folk from Oxy and beyond about feminism, femininity, and most importantly friendships! Tune in to hear a convo with a new guest every week!

Femme Fatale: Naomi

Start off your Wednesdays with one hour of only female artists and female-fronted bands!

Pablo’s Picks: Pablo Nukaya

Pablo’s Picks is a weekly musical show built around an ever-changing weekly theme. What is that theme, exactly? Who knows! It could be all French house music one week, locals only the next, or even just an hour of David Bowie. Featuring a set curated by the intrepid Pablo and the occasional guest, it’s bound to be a weird (and occasionally good) time!

Deep House @ Dusk: Jackson Munn

My name is Jackson Munn. I’m from New York and have been mixing as a DJ for three or so years. I also make music and have been producing for about a year and a half now [as of 9/27/16]. My show, “Deep House @ Dusk,” will be an hour long, live DJ set every Friday from 9-10pm. I will be mixing a collection of my favorite Deep House, Future House, and Bass House tracks, including a few of my own original works. I will be speaking a bit about the music I’ve selected, and about the vast music scene in nearby LA. I plan on occasionally hosting guest DJs and other producers to speak and/or spin as well. Contact me at “” if you are interested in being a guest host. If you want, you can check me out at Tune in and enjoy! Thanks.

BiblioLab: Darren Hall and Ryan Brubacher

The radio talk show about the world of information, from local initiatives to cutting edge research. Quirky and provocative, each week special guests join the co-hosts: Oxy librarians, Darren and Ryan.

K-POXY: Makayla and Crystal

trigger warning: we have jimin’s jams. yehet.

Horoscope Hour: Myka Kielbon

We will survey the position of the celestial bodies and their effects on your life, between the highlights of my heavy-rotation records and sweet new releases. Tunes are likely to be mostly made by women and performed on guitar, although that is not a hard and fast rule, folks.

Tiger Beat: Danny McGrath

Tiger Beat will feature indie and emerging alt-pop, as well as the occasional throwback.

Matt’s Eternal: Matt’s Eternal Essence, Rosie, Karim

Matt’s Back II: Matt’s Eternal is just as ethereal as always. Featuring every genre under the Matt and a variety of segments including music, murder mysteries, monologues, singalongs, and the ever-popular “How many times did Karim want to cry this week” game.

Album Hour: Troy Van Barter

This show will include full sides of famous albums from the 60’s to modern day music. Some music is better when listening to the entire album, so that’s what this show is about! We will likely play some of the albums on vinyl also. We will also likely play lesser known but great songs by artists that you know.

Hawai’i Calls!: Braddah Mike and Unko John

Bringing the Aloha Spirit to Oxy and the world through island jams that are perfect for your hump day Wednesday afternoon.

[insert imagination here]: Maya Crawford

I want my show to be a platform for spreading everything and anything relevant to the rest of the Oxy community. I want to promote new artists (on and off campus) and bring back the old as well as bring in guests to discuss current news topics. I want to invite people to call in to give input into new topics or request songs. The music style of this show will be a blend between hip hop/rap, R&B, alternative, pop, and electronic. It’s kind of a mix of everything you can dance to (besides country and heavy metal). Some of the artists that’ll be featured are PARTYNEXTDOOR, Halsey, Troye Sivan, Gallant, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Drake, Kehlani, Jai Wolf, and Diplo, etc.

Holier Than Thou: Ebby Naftzger and Natalie El-Hai

Are you struggling with the modern world? Have you been tempted to step off the divine pathway? You’re in luck. Join Vanity Justice and Dust Barebone as they guide you through the hazards of the End-times. Featuring hard-hitting segments such as Joy Without Pleasure and Burn Them, Holier Than Though will leave you begging for mercy.

The BeeBop Hour: Habiba Hopson

The BeeBop Hour consists of anywhere from hip hop and r&b to jazz fusion. Take a big step into my taste in music and enjoy!

From Dusk til Dawn: Janeth Aparicio

Chill out and relax each Sunday evening with an eclectic road trip playlist to a different location–anywhere from LA to Berlin– each show. Let’s go, SKRRT SKRRT!

International Hour: Perrin Shyne

An hour for showcasing music from around the world.

Casual Mischief: Sofia

Featuring a fusion of EDM, Electro pop, and Hip hop.

Emo Hour: Romy Hackl

Let out your built-up middle school angst with Emo Hour: It’s Longer Now, every Wednesday from 11am-1pm. Rock out to Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, All Time Low and much, much more!

Moontunes: Eugene Moon

Mellow beats and some underground hip-hop for the laid-back.

Radio 86: César Martínez

Contemporary, independent, and classic music from América Latina. 50% vinyl 50% digital. ¡Escuchen!

The Ill Street Blues: Amani Marshall

Going to be spinning an eclectic mix of rap records from 1979-2016 coming out of cities like New York, Atlanta, Baton Rogue, Oakland, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston, and Memphis. These places have given birth to styles and innovations within the genre for forty plus years. Rap music is amazing and has a deep and complex history of local legends becoming heros in their communities. From Kool Moe Dee to Kodak Black, from Diamond D to Pimp C, come hear it all on the ill street blues.

I Know There’s An Answer: Ella Morner-Ritt

English major tries to impress you with limited knowledge of music history.

A Show about Your Life: Tim Lewis

“A Show about Your Life” attempts to engage with the simple fact that people do not talk to each other anymore. Rough, somber, and hopefully comical, “A Show about Your Life” represents an opportunity for the host and guests to communicate those things that each and every one of us has sworn to never speak of again. All guests are anonymous in name, but voices are unaltered.

Punk rock and chill: Henry Robinson

This station is intended to play music spanning a wide range of genres, everything from punk to folk to rap to indie to whatever else you want to hear. Punk and rock and chill is also a resource for learning about any concerts within an hour’s drive of Occidental. There are shows in LA every night, some of which are as little as $5 or even free! Listen to discover new music as well as places to hear live music, thrash around, and be free.

Kitchen Sink Radio: Cosmic Spins

Kitchen Sink Radio is exactly what it’s titled – it’s everything. It’s all. You hear your favorites, then you’re exposed to new tunes. Listen to it while working, while drawing, dancing, crying or whatever it is you do with your life on a Tuesday afternoon. All you need to know is that you’re gonna hear some damn good music and it might provoke some emotion, or some head bobbing.

Not In This House: Hanna Brandt

The show you wish you could have listened to when you stormed off to your room after your parents said, “oh not in this house you don’t!”

Bonomi’s Big Bad Bangers: Alex Bonomi

Bonomi’s Big Bad Bangers is your go-to radio show for any late night EDM, House, or EDM Trap music. As we all know, Tuesday nights are far and away the most lit. “B.B.B.B.,” or “B4,” (potential abbreviations and you may use as you wish) will be focused all around making Tuesday nights even more lit with great music ranging from Kygo’s soft synths to Flosstradamus’ mosh machines. Tune in!

Dope Generation Get Down: Kbanzzz & J. Phase

Dope Generation Get Down is a collaborative radio show that fusions west and east coast sound with a focus on old school hip hop. Call in for specific requests.

Babyboomer: kbanzzz

This station is full of old and new school r &b that will put you in the mood. I’ve always loved this type of music and want to share it with the Oxy community. Tune in if you’re ready for a good time!

The PWC Show: Peter Coulson

Peter Coulson identifies as a redeemed wrong-generationer. He started the genre and decade-agnostic PWC Show to make up for his years of sin, and to regain all the cultural capital he lost in middle school. Peter plays music for an hour organized around a theme. Or not. It’s kind of up in the air at this point.

Pandora’s Box: Athena Villard

Funky Mar: Mariana Martinez


A School Night with Cory and Michael: Cory and Michael

Harmony: Armand Harvey

Jammin in Pajams: Isabel, Anna and Jamir

Hello! We are Jammin in Pajams (we thought name would be temporary but it stuck) We are three pals who love eclectic music and chattin! Tune in Sundays from 11-12 to hear one midwestern girl, and two New Yorkers play fun tunes! <3