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    A Weekend Recap

    There was plenty going on for me in the land of music this past weekend. Here are the highlights: Frankie Cosmos and Iji: On Thursday, these two bands announced a show at Junior High in addition to their gig at the Echo, so I snatched up two tickets right away. Good thing, because the small…

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    Hailing from Brisbane and coming fresh off his first headlining tour in Australia, I had the opportunity to meet with producer Young Franco, aka Joey Da Rin during his recent visit to LA. As our conversation covered everything from Pablo J and the Lobsterettes to sharing his future collaborations/releases, it’s evident Joey has an incredible…

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    Young, Wild, KOXY

    Come in costume and get spoooooky! Come dressed as yourself the year you had a birthday party at a similar bowling alley and got sick from eating too much Baskin Robbins cake! Come dressed as your favorite professional bowler! Come dressed as your worst enemy! Benjamin Franklin and His Naughty Interest in Electricity (Oxy students)…

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    Mndsgn (Leaving Records / Stones Throw Records) LA based producer/beatmaker, pronounced “mind-design”. “even in its minimalism, there’s enough beatific substance to wrap your mind around — and plenty of room for Mndsgn’s busy yet contemplative headspace to overlap with yours” – Wondering Sound Open Mike Eagle (Mush Records / Hellfyre Club) LA based producer/rapper “whether…

  • A discussion with the director of The Out Crowd

    Station manager Allan Van Vliet sat down with Loyola Marymount University senior and playwright David Koutsouridis to discuss his upcoming show. Learn more after the jump! (more…)