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    KOXY Playlist of the Month: February 2018

    Happy Valentines Day! We put together some breakup songs that are perfect for blasting in your headphones while you scorn couples making out in the quad. Buy yourself a red heart full of chocolate and watch High Fidelity.

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    Sign Up: KOXY x Feast Mag x RAW Records x BSA Open Mic – February 9th

    Welcome back! We’re proud to announce our first event of the year, a collaboration with our buds at Oxy’s amazing Black Student Alliance, RAW Records, the ever-resilient kids who help you record your own music, and Feast Magazine, Oxy’s glossy-paged literary and arts magazine. This open mic is open to everything, just as our three…

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    November Featured KOXY Show: A School Night With Cory and Michael

    Each month for the rest of the year, KOXY is highlighting one of our many amazing radio shows and the lovely humans that talk the talk and play the tunes. This month, we’re taking a peek into the antics of dynamic duo Cory Lomberg and Michael Jimenez. True KOXY ride or dies, they have hosted…

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    KOXY Playlist of the Month: January 2018

    New Year’s Resolutions are hard to keep, but KOXY is here to help. This edition of our monthly playlist series brings you a wide variety of motivation-inducing tunes, from hiphop to noise rock to Spanish trap. So start your running club. Go to Alumni Gym, and don’t let the buff guys intimidate you. Or just…

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    KOXY Playlist of the Month: December 2017

    This month, KOXY staff has compiled cozy songs to hibernate with over winter break. Put in your headphones and tune out your family members. Stay warm, we’ll be back with more radio in the Spring semester!