Our Mission

The mission of KOXY is to provide the Occidental College student body with a creative media outlet. KOXY’s diverse programming provides students and community members with individualized entertainment for social, educational, or professional interests. This also reflects the diversity of the student body and surrounding community as per the mission and goals of the college at large. Check out what we’re listening to/what we’re planning/what goodies we have via our various social media pages:


Twitter: @koxyradio

Instagram: @koxyradio


March 30, 2000 marked KOXY’s Official Relaunch after many years of not operating. The history of a radio station of Occidental College goes back decades. The old radio station, also known as KOXY, was very popular years ago, but waning interest resulted in its eventual shutdown.

Kristian Kratz (’01), wanted to revive the radio station; a difficult job considering he had to start from scratch. He along with Ben Bergman, Josiah Gordon, Dan Krassner, Guillermina Sanchez and Michael Wesserman did all the foot work to ensure everything went smoothly; from getting money for KOXY’s budget to determining and ordering sound equipment, to the smaller things like assembling the chairs in the Bengal room (the location of KOXY’s office). They worked in a timeframe of about 6 months and were able to overcome the many obstacles faced.

Today, KOXY is run out of the first floor of the Johnson Student Center and can be listened to through the online stream found on this website.